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Use of egg donation on the rise

Two articles recently profiled the increase in use of donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. Articles in The National Post and The Daily Mail Online profiled a recent US study conducted by researchers at Emory University and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study found that an increasing number of women are […]

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Staying focused on my dream of having a baby

My name is April. I’m 38 and have always known that I wanted to become a mother. I had always pictured that I’d have a baby after I found the right guy, got married and we’d bought a house. But that’s not the way it’s worked out. All my close friends have started getting married […]

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New treatment may help women become pregnant after premature menopause

A new fertility treatment may offer hope to women who have entered premature menopause. The technique is said to “reawaken sleeping eggs” that remain in a woman’s ovaries after menopause. Researchers from Stanford University in California and St. Marianna University in Kawasaki, Japan have pioneered a technique that encourages women’s remaining “sleeping” eggs to mature […]

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Britain’s oldest sole-support mom of IVF twins wishes she had a partner to help her

After 4 failed IVF attempts, at 58 years of age, single parent Carole Hobson had twins via embryo donation at a clinic in India, making her Britain’s oldest mom of IVF twins. As is common with twin pregnancies, the twins were born 9 weeks early and spent several months in neo-natal care – followed by […]

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