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Giving myself more time to have kids: My decision to freeze my eggs

Hi, my name is Tracy. I was recently accepted to do my doctorate overseas in the UK. It’s a dream come true! I have always wanted to do a Ph.D. and the timing is right to go away to study for several years. I don’t have a partner, I’m eager for a change after being […]

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The pros and cons of having children in your 20s

In today’s cultural climate, many women and men in their twenties are focused on pursuing higher education, establishing their careers, and pursuing other life goals (e.g., travelling, building a partnership) – with the intent of starting to build their families in their 30s and 40s. Although becoming a parent later in life has its benefits […]

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Celebrities may be setting a trend for delaying parenthood

There are numerous reasons why people delay starting their families until later in their reproductive years (e.g., not finding the “right” partner, pursuing career goals, financial circumstances). In addition, celebrities may be contributing to this social and cultural phenomenon in fueling the belief that as long as a woman remains “fit” and “healthy” she too, […]

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Aging eggs and DNA: Why it’s harder to get pregnant after 35

It has long been known that the age of a woman’s eggs play a role in her ability to get pregnant. Now a team of researchers at New York Medical College have added to our understanding of why it is more difficult for women to get pregnant, and carry a viable pregnancy to term, when […]

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