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Did You Know?

The worst thing you can say during infertility

Trying to get pregnant? Tired of people saying “Just relax?” Based on her own experience of infertility, Keiko Zoll says offering unsolicited advice to those who are trying to get pregnant such as “just relax” isn’t helpful. Elisabeth Morray, a psychologist at the Harvard Vanguard Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health in Boston agrees, saying […]

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Busting myths about the IUD

Ever wondered if an IUD is for you? There are currently three types of IUD: the Mirena and Skyla are hormonal IUDs that contain progesterone, a low-dose birth control hormone. The Paragard is a copper IUD that prevents pregnancy because copper is toxic to sperm.  Dr. Luu Ireland, an obstetrician/gynecologist and fellow in Family Planning […]

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Single and no kids? Tips for getting through the family-oriented holiday season

The family-oriented focus of the holiday season can be particularly difficult for those who are single and don’t yet have kids – especially those who want to become a parent, but haven’t been able to find the right partner with whom they can build a family. If you find yourself in this situation, the holidays […]

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The emotional impact of infertility on men

Although infertility affects both members of a couple, we typically hear about how distressing it is for women and often don’t hear about how men are impacted by the experience. However, a recent article by Gary Ellenbolt on Parenting.com gives us a glimpse into a man’s experience of infertility. Gary shared how helpless he felt […]

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