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Did You Know?

Although lots of celebrities are becoming pregnant in their 40s and 50s, they are likely using younger women’s eggs.

What the media doesn’t usually reveal is that many older celebrities have used the eggs of a younger woman to get pregnant. When an older woman uses a younger woman’s eggs, pregnancy rates are much higher and the risk of chromosomal abnormalities for the baby are significantly reduced. However, there are still higher risks of […]

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Smoking cigarettes or marijuana can affect a man’s fertility.

A number of studies have documented the negative impact of nicotine and marijuana on sperm count and production. For example, male smokers’ sperm density (the concentration of spermatozoa in the semen) and motility (ability to move towards the egg) is considerably lower than that of nonsmokers’. There is also increased occurrence of abnormal sperm. All […]

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A male’s age is an important factor in a woman becoming pregnant.

Although women often assume there must be something wrong with them if they can’t get pregnant, just as many fertility problems are caused by problems with the man’s fertility. The stats break down this way: 30% of fertility problems are caused by problems with the woman’s fertility, 30% are caused by male factor problems, 30% […]

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