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Taking birth control pills doesn’t cause infertility.

Taking birth control pills suppresses ovulation, but it does not damage the ovaries, or cause infertility. Some doctors suggest that women wait a few months after going off birth control pills for their cycles to return to normal before trying to become pregnant. Women may think that taking birth control pills has caused them to […]

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Think that women’s age is the only important factor in becoming pregnant? Recent research suggests that men’s fertility declines with age, too.

Dr. Paula Fettback presented research at the annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando, Florida, in October, 2011. Her research found that between the ages of 41 and 45, the chance of a man getting his wife pregnant dropped 7 percent with each year – so when the man was 41, the couple had […]

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A male’s age is an important factor in a woman becoming pregnant.

Although women often assume there must be something wrong with them if they can’t get pregnant, just as many fertility problems are caused by problems with the man’s fertility. The stats break down this way: 30% of fertility problems are caused by problems with the woman’s fertility, 30% are caused by male factor problems, 30% […]

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