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The relationship between ovulation and reward-seeking

Have you ever wondered why you might crave particular foods or be attracted to certain people before getting your period? A series of studies to be published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology may help explain why. The results of these studies suggest that there is a relationship between ovulation and variety-seeking in “rewards domains” […]

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Age and method of freezing affects the success of egg freezing

Fertility preservation for women involves undergoing the first half of an IVF cycle – with hormones being used to stimulate egg production and eggs being surgically retrieved from the woman’s ovaries. These eggs are then frozen by one of two methods – slow freezing (SF) or rapid freezing through vitrification (VF). In the future when […]

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Yoga may help support optimal fertility

Yoga is an ancient practice that is praised for providing a multitude of health benefits for numerous systems in the body (e.g., cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous systems). In addition, yoga may be helpful in assisting women achieve optimal fertility, in part by decreasing stress and promoting relaxation – particularly for women who are coping with […]

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Less common signs that perimenopause may have started

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s natural fertility lifespan, which occurs on average, around the age of 51. During the perimenopause (the period leading up to menopause), a woman’s ovaries start to slow down the production of hormones. For some women this process can begin in their 30s, while for others it may not […]

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