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Common “triggers” for reconsidering motherhood

Although some women decide early on in their lives that they want to have children, many other women are ambivalent about whether or not motherhood is for them. These women often go through their 20s and 30s, feeling quite satisfied and fulfilled pursuing their educational, career, and personal goals. For a percentage of these women, […]

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More OB-GYNs are reportedly talking with patients about fertility

Asking people about their desire to build a family can be a sensitive topic – one that even doctors may broach with caution. However, more OB-GYNs are reportedly making it routine practice to bring up the “fertility issue” with their female patients to ensure that they are adequately informed about their fertility options and the […]

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“Get Britain Fertile”: UK fertility campaign faces criticism

A new fertility campaign – Get Britain Fertile – has recently been launched in the UK with the help of campaign ambassadors Dr. Zita West, a reproductive health specialist, and media personality Kate Garraway. The campaign is being funding by First Response – a company that offers a range of home fertility testing kits. According […]

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Bucking the trend: Having kids in our 20’s

My name is Olga and my husband’s name is Andrei. There’s been so much in the news these days about people waiting to have kids until they’re in their 30s and 40s. We did it differently and want to share our story. Andrei and I grew up in the same mid-sized city and we went […]

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