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Archive for May 2013

A new memoir explores the risks of relying on technology to achieve a pregnancy later in life

CRACKED OPEN: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies (Interlink – May 2013) is Miriam Zoll’s candid memoir of growing up with the unprecedented opportunities afforded by the women’s movement and new discoveries in reproductive medicine. According to Zoll, the pervasive cultural messages then and today clearly stated that, thanks to science, women […]

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Men in kilts may be more fertile

Although pants and shorts are the attire preferred by most men in North America and Europe, there may be some advantages to wearing kilts for men interested in becoming fathers. Scottish researcher, Dr. Edwin Kompanje claims that wearing kilts (i.e., a traditional Scottish garment that resembles a knee-length, pleated skirt) may help to promote male […]

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