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Archive for November 2012

Part of both of us – Using reciprocal IVF to create our family

My lesbian partner Stacy and I have been together for about 7 years. She is very “maternal” – she works as a kindergarten teacher, bakes for all of our neighbours, and tears up at commercials about babies and weddings. She always knew that she wanted to be pregnant and be a mom. I, on the […]

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Adult children born to older moms not at higher risk for health problems

Results from a study published in the journal Demography and conducted at The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany suggest that babies born to older mothers are not more likely to experience health problems in adulthood than those born to younger mothers. Examining data on 18,000 adults living in the United States, Professor […]

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Some women regret waiting to become a mother.

The 2012 Modern Motherhood Report – a poll commissioned by Red magazine – surveyed over 3000 women between the ages of 28 and 45. The results indicate that a quarter of the participants wished they had started trying for a child earlier on in their lives and regretted their decision to delay having a family. […]

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Women university grads waiting longer to have children

Female university graduates are, on average, delaying the process of trying to conceive their children until their mid-30s – almost a decade later than those women who don’t pursue a university education. In today’s social climate, more and more women are establishing their careers before having children. This has some potentially positive and negative consequences. […]

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