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Archive for September 2012

Want to improve your sperm quality?: Eating walnuts may help

Approximately one third of fertility problems can be attributed to men’s fertility – such as low numbers of live sperm (sperm count), low percentage of moving sperm (motility), or a percentage of abnormally shaped sperm (morphology). The results of a study conducted at the University of California Los Angeles, recently published in Biology of Reproduction, […]

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When the “biological clock” stops, and why!

When we talk about women’s “biological clock” we really are talking about a woman’s ovarian reserve, which diminishes over the course of every woman’s life until menopause. In contrast to men who produce new sperm on a daily basis throughout their lives, a woman is born with approximately 1-2 million immature eggs, or follicles, in […]

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Single motherhood: A positive lifestyle choice

“In a season of ardent partisan clashing, Americans seem united in at least one shared idea: Single mothers are bad”. So begins Katie Roiphe’s essay on her experience as a single mother of two young children, both with different dads. She describes her household as “messy, bohemian, warm” and argues that the idea of what […]

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