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Archive for August 2012

IVF cannot help everyone become pregnant.

IVF has helped a significant number of women and couples achieve their desire for a child. Without treatment, many would have never been able to become parents. However, depending on the country, state, or in Canada – the province – IVF may be restricted based on the age of the woman. For example, some clinics […]

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A new hormone test may help women determine their remaining fertility levels

A new test measuring “antimullerian hormone” (AMH) may help women determine their “ovarian reserve” – the quantity of a woman’s remaining eggs according to a recent article in Macleans. This simple blood test is done in a lab and requires a requisition from your doctor. AMH testing provides an alternative to the more common tests […]

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Becoming a father (again) at 50

My name is Ryan, and I am 50 years old. When I was younger I had a particular vision for my life: I wanted to marry a wonderful woman, have children, work toward a fulfilling career, and retire when I turned 60. As it turns out, things in my life have unfolded very differently than […]

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