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Archive for August 2012

Motherhood: From “never” to “maybe”?

I’m April. I grew up in a small town about 2 hours outside of a large city. For as long as I can remember, I was absolutely sure that I didn’t want to have kids. Throughout my 20s when my friends started having kids I was like, “Not me! That’s never going to be me…” […]

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Test your sperm in the comfort of your own home!

Many men hate the thought of having to go to a clinic to have their sperm tested – which is totally understandable. It can be very embarrassing to have to produce a sperm sample at a clinic and then have it graded! Unfortunately, this reluctance can result in their partner having to go through the […]

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Weighing your chances of getting pregnant

Weight has been identified as a potentially important factor in both women’s and men’s fertility. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine says that approximately 12% of infertility cases are a result of weighing too much or too little. For instance, research suggests that women who are obese are less likely to achieve a pregnancy and […]

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What really makes a family? – An adopted woman shares her story

“I’ve always known I was adopted. In fact, I don’t even remember my parents telling me, so I was very little. Both my brother and I were adopted in the early months of our lives, from different families, three years apart.”  So begins Leslie Scott’s essay on her experience of being adopted. She says: “My […]

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