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A new hormone test may help women determine their remaining fertility levels

A new test measuring “antimullerian hormone” (AMH) may help women determine their “ovarian reserve” – the quantity of a woman’s remaining eggs according to a recent article in Macleans. This simple blood test is done in a lab and requires a requisition from your doctor. AMH testing provides an alternative to the more common tests for FSH (follicular-stimulating hormone) and may be a better indicator of the number of eggs you still have left. The article suggests that “not every woman is born with the same amount of eggs or loses them at the same rate” – so this test of ovarian reserve can help women determine how long they can wait before having children.

AMH testing for ovarian reserve is still fairly new. In a recently published paper in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada (JOGC) the authors cite studies where AMH testing has been used to detect changes in ovarian reserve, to predict when a woman will likely reach menopause, and to predict response to ovarian follicular stimulating hormones when considering IVF. They discuss whether this test should be a standard part of a fertility assessment for women so that each woman can have a more accurate picture of her individual fertility (ovarian reserve), and can better determine how long she may be able to delay having a child.

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