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Archive for July 2012

New research suggests that children of same-sex parents are NOT more prone to psychological problems

A new research paper refutes an earlier study’s claim that children of same-sex parents are more likely to experience psychological problems. The latest study, The US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS), headed by Dr. Henny Bos and Dr. Nanette Gartrell, gathered testimonials from 78 teenagers to determine whether the lack of a male role […]

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I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. I’m 36.5 years old and I have a body mass index of 37.5. I had two miscarriages in the last year, about six months apart. What effect does my obesity have on my ability to stay pregnant? Does an above average body mass index cause miscarriage?

Written by our medical expert William Buckett, M.D. Many studies have shown an association between being overweight and a higher chance of miscarriage. Initially this was thought to be only in IVF pregnancies where the rate of miscarriage rose from about 25% in normal weight women to about 30% in overweight women. However the rate […]

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Can cutting out alcohol, smoking, drugs, and losing weight improve men’s fertility?

When trying to become pregnant, in order to improve the quality of “swimming sperm” men are often encouraged to cut out or reduce their alcohol intake, smoking, and use of recreational drugs. They are also urged to avoid being overweight. However, a recent study challenges these common recommendations, suggesting that men with unhealthy lifestyles are […]

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BC Court determines frozen sperm is “common property” and must be divided between partners

A BC court ruled that a separated lesbian couple should divide between the two partners, the remaining 16 straws of donated sperm they had stored at a local fertility clinic. The couple had purchased the sperm during their relationship and used it for each of the women to have a baby, one in 2000, and […]

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